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I’m Glad I’m A Longhorn – Day 4

Posted by TxHny on November 15, 2007

Alright, alright. I’ll relent… temporarily. My oldest friend in the world is an Aggie, I have an Aggie family member and many, many friends and colleagues from Texas A&M. As Thanksgiving is one week away (celebrating today at the firm), I’ll put it on the record – I’m thankful for Aggies.

I look forward to the Friday game each year and it is in fact, now tightly associated with my family holiday traditions. Furthermore, I’m glad we have a rivalry with a gang that relates to so many things we adore here at Texas: southern hospitality, tradition (in whatever way you define it), football, discipline, world class institutions of higher learning and  a (perhaps slightly unhealthy) love for the greatest state in the land.

Aggies, deep down I know you feel the same way.


Tomorrow, we’ll do a defensive rundown on our Lonestar rivals, and the ridicule will resume.


3 Responses to “I’m Glad I’m A Longhorn – Day 4”

  1. Brad said

    F*** that. You can go drown in Town Lake AND Barton Creek. You can go choke on your Madam Mam’s, Kirby Lane, and Chuy’s. You can go get road hauled on Red River and Guadalupe.

    I hope you stuff your turkey with an extra helping of Pride next week, should really help with the upset stomach you’re sure to have the following day..


  2. txhny said

    Mmm…. Kirbey Lane.

    Bring it, foo’.



  3. RonB said

    Sure got quite here all of a sudden. Are you now NOT glad to be a Longhorn?


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