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So… On To Basketball

Posted by dahorns on November 28, 2007

In an entirely unsatisfactory week of football, from the Texas defense imitating empty space, to Vince’s Titans imitating a high school team, to Cedric Benson breaking his leg (conjecture, but season ending surgery nonetheless), the one thing that kept my morale high was DJ and company running circles around #7 Tennessee on the hardwood.

I have never seen a Rick Barnes offense execute the way I saw against Tennessee. There have been some glimpses earlier this year, but nothing on the level that happened Saturday night. AJ is going to terrorize teams this year with his quick shot. The big surprise is Connor dominating. He looks a lot stronger and more coordinated this year. He is also apparently faster, as evidenced by his several fast break dunks and layups already this year.

Kudos to you Barnes, you saved my life.


One Response to “So… On To Basketball”

  1. Larry the Tap Dancing Giant said

    Given my love for the esteemed writers at the Horn, I generally support Texas sports (and indeed a number of other aspects as well). But, this Sunday, it’ll be time for me and my compatriots to further destabilize the grounds upon which your team walks. You guys are going down in Pauley…

    (Sidenote: I’m far too fried for effective smack talk…I apologize…just know that, after you guys get pushed out of pauley, you can always go to the beach to lick your wounds…)

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