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Project Runway – Football Style

Posted by RubyLynn on November 14, 2007

Tonight. Bravo. 9pm. Get excited!

We here at the Horn are ECSTATIC that the new season of Project Runway premieres tonight. We are especially excited that we’ve recruited Tim Gunn to critique some of football’s fashions. Don’t mess with the Gunn… or you’ll get shot!

I’m a little worried.

Well, I certainly admire your camaraderie, but wearing white after labor day is simply a faux pas, even in College Station. And I don’t get the red shoes, is that some sort of nod to the Wizard of Oz?

Oh, Coach Fran. I understand your man-mammaries are a problem area, but you’ve just got to make it work!

Oregon Football. Sometimes less is more! All of these tire treads remind me of Angela’s unnecessary rosettes!

Oh Mark. When will you learn? You’ve got a lot of problem areas here. I think it might help to choose some elongating garments. Perhaps something with a vertical line to it. You’re only as fat as you dress yourself.

Visors are SO last national championship. And really, pleated pants? How revolting!

I love this homage to the military thing that’s happening, but I wonder if it’s not a little confusing? I don’t really understand the tall boots with the short sleeves. Those boots are so hot this season when styled correctly.

Oh, where to start. I’m a little worried about this trend you’ve created. Those spray-painted S’s make me think of those god-awful message tees that were too popular for too long. What kind of a statement are you trying to make anyway? Are you super? Is the designer super? I’m just a little confused here. I think you might have to start from scratch with this one.

Thanks Tim! Great insight!


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  1. live7n said

    Nice post on Project runway I love that TV show

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