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I’m Glad I’m A Longhorn – Day 2

Posted by TxHny on November 13, 2007

You know I love numbered lists. I’m Glad I’m A Longhorn, let me count the ways.

1. No Overalls. No Ugly T-Shirts. Oh, and no overalls. Really?! OVERALLS? We have burnt orange to work with – and we make it look good. You have MAROON – you can’t do anything better with maroon?!


2. We have a “rivalry” with many schools – everyone likes to beat Texas (we’re kind of the yard stick, you know what I mean?) However, I’m happy to say there is no penis envy lurking around Austin. Last week the Aggies sang about beating Texas, wore anti-Texas shirts and did the horns down. Texas on the other hand was focused on beating Texas Tech and completely unconcerned at all with Texas A&M.

3. Cool merchandise. Yes. These are raggedy Aggies. Really. Really?

4. No pretending, homoeroticism. Which would you rather?
corps.jpg or lhb.jpg

yell-leaders.gif or texas-cheer.jpg
Even Aggies prefer Texas cheer

5. At Texas nobody uses the word “tradition” to justify many, many inexplicable acts.

6. The most revered entity on our campus is not Lassie.

7. Nothing as comical/disgraceful as this:

8. 73-35-5

9. 47 National Championships in 11 sports

10. What Starts Here Changes The World.


5 Responses to “I’m Glad I’m A Longhorn – Day 2”

  1. txhny! Warn me before you post pictures of Aggie overalls! (shudder) What would Tim Gunn say??

  2. The Lone Star Showdown: The biggest homosexual convention in the world!

    BTW, direct quote from the drunken Red Raider fan sitting behind me at the Tech-UTexas game:
    “Who will I be rooting for during the UT-A&M game? The pilot dropping the A-bomb on KKKyle Field!”

  3. txhny said

    Terrorism isn’t funny, Sunshine.

    Unless you make Fran into Public Enemy #1.

  4. shlump said

    Huh… Your blog is nice in general, but this very post… It is brilliant!!! It can be never better.

  5. Hang'em Horns said

    The description under the name of the website at the top says it all about anything posted on this site. 🙂

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