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The Texas Toast – Summit Extra Pale Ale

Posted by RubyLynn on November 21, 2007

We here at the Horn are a big fan of pale ones (please observe our boyfriends as Exhibits A and B), so when I made a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul this past weekend to visit a good friend (and great host!), I had to try Summit Brewery’s Extra Pale Ale.

Extra pale? We’re in heaven.

A local favorite in the Twin Cities, it’s brewed in St. Paul and is available pretty much everywhere up there on tap or in bottles. The Summit EPA has a rich hoppy flavor and has a nice smooth finish with sweet and fruity undertones. If it’s available where you are, definitely pick some up. Summit’s also got the Winter Ale out, and I have it on good authority that it’s pretty good. I would have tried it myself, but I was awfully full on margaritas (Apparently my margarita-making skills were the only reason I was invited to Minnesota in the first place.) You can check out the specs on the extra pale ale and Summit’s other brews at Summit Brewing.

I give the Summit Extra Pale Ale a solid 4.1/5.0.



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