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Posted by RubyLynn on October 19, 2007


Is it a coincidence that Stephen Colbert, bear-hater, has picked this week to announce his candidacy for president?? I think NOT! He’s clearly a Longhorn fan, and wanted to raise national awareness of the dangers of Bears even further.

That’s right, Baylor. You’re ON NOTICE.

We play Baylor this week, which like last week should be a nice respite from worrying about our beloved Horns. It would certainly be fun to talk about Baylor’s “Air Bear” offense that they stole from Tech. The problem is, Tech actually manages to make it work, and Baylor makes it look silly. Maybe if GuyMo started talking like a pirate it would be more interesting.

Anyways, I hope this year’s game brings at least a little bit of excitement, and gives our boys the confidence they’ll need to play Nebraska next week. Check out one of my favorite blogs, the hilarious BearMeat, to see their take on the game and read their interview with BON. Watch below to see highlights of the 2005 game. It makes me wish for happier times. Scroll to about 4:15 to watch my favorite play.


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