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Posted by TxHny on October 29, 2007

No, not really. You may have thought we were due to the severe lack of posting.

Your editors were quite busy with law school, the real world (not the television show), work, being sick and a flux of entertaining.

Expect us back on the horse this week, and as promised a Big State review and much much more football content.

We’re sorry, and in case you were worried, this is our official statement: Kidnapped, we were not.


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Posted by RubyLynn on October 23, 2007

Click here.

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Posted by RubyLynn on October 19, 2007


Is it a coincidence that Stephen Colbert, bear-hater, has picked this week to announce his candidacy for president?? I think NOT! He’s clearly a Longhorn fan, and wanted to raise national awareness of the dangers of Bears even further.

That’s right, Baylor. You’re ON NOTICE.

We play Baylor this week, which like last week should be a nice respite from worrying about our beloved Horns. It would certainly be fun to talk about Baylor’s “Air Bear” offense that they stole from Tech. The problem is, Tech actually manages to make it work, and Baylor makes it look silly. Maybe if GuyMo started talking like a pirate it would be more interesting.

Anyways, I hope this year’s game brings at least a little bit of excitement, and gives our boys the confidence they’ll need to play Nebraska next week. Check out one of my favorite blogs, the hilarious BearMeat, to see their take on the game and read their interview with BON. Watch below to see highlights of the 2005 game. It makes me wish for happier times. Scroll to about 4:15 to watch my favorite play.

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Texas Toast: Blondes Have More Fun

Posted by TxHny on October 17, 2007

Texas Toast: The Grolsch Blonde

This will be yet another toast to our favorite folks over at Amsterdam Cafe.

Nate – our favorite bartender/baby sitter. Sorry, Nate.

We were at Amsterdam for our weekly happy hour, and realized we needed to toast to Texas. So, Nate suggested a Grolsch. A nice lager of the Dutch persuasion, this one a blonde beer.

We’d tell you more about it – but we were a little tipsy from all the shots we took. Just trust us. It was excellent.


The editors give it three, sorta tipsy, high fives.

Oh, and to the poor folks at Amsterdam, we’re really sorry for the drunky-drunks (that shall remain nameless) that were at your bar last week. Don’t people know how to behave in public places?

What can I say, blondes really do have more fun.

Come hang out with us and Chis and the Nates! 8th and Colorado.

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The Big XII Roundtable: Thick of the Season

Posted by TxHny on October 17, 2007

Hmm. The thick of the season feels pretty thin here in Austin. First we went 0-4 in conference (0-2 this year), and then a good trouncing of a weak Iowa State. Up next – we face a powerhouse Baylor team, QB concussion and all. Note my sarcasm.

This week’s roundtable hosted over at Midwest Coast Bias. Head over there to check out the rest of the Big XII blogger responses.

1. If you could steal another coach at any level (head, assistant, etc.) from another school, who would it be and why?

Major Applewhite, Offensive Coordinator. This selection needs no explanation. In order for you to understand how I feel about it, I offer the following other scenarios that would make me equally euphorically happy for comparison:

The Houston Texans vs. The Dallas Cowboys in Superbowl XLV in Arlington, Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys announce new QB: Vince Young

The latest nutritional research suggests that eating ice cream once a week, coupled with 6-10 beers in a single sitting leads to a significantly reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease and varicose veins. (My greatest fear. Old lady legs are scarier than clowns, Jerry Jones, or Bob Stoops naked.)

Aaron Watson leaves cute wife for female sports blogger. The new couple recently purchased box seats at Darrell K. Royal Stadium in close enough proximity to make fun of Matthew McConaughey.

The only difference: Major Applewhite as Longhorn OC is a real possibility.

2. What two teams will play for the Big XII Championship and why?

I’d really hate to see a Missouri – OU rematch, but that’s where I’d put my money. If it were not “the year of upsets,” I’d say Oklahoma has it pretty easy the rest of the season, particularly with the Aggies’ loss to Tech last weekend. I’m less sure about the north, but I’d give Kansas a shot as well. I think it is still much too early to tell.

3. What is the best bowl game your team has a realistic shot at and, if your team has a shot, who would you like to play in said bowl?

Both San Diego and San Antonio are lovely that time of year….

Let’s just say it’s been a character building year for spoiled Longhorn fans.

4. If given the opportunity, would you keep the Big XII status quo or kick out a team and go to a Big 10-style conference play?

I like playing Baylor – and while people make a case against them as far as contending with the “Big Boys” I think Baylor does a nice job of keeping us all honest. Hmm.. I recall a particular Aggie-Baylor game… but that isn’t what this is about is it?

If we give someone the boot, I’d like to add a team rather than go to the Big 10 style. Say TCU??

5. Rank the Big XII teams

1. Oklahoma
2. Missouri
3. Texas
4. Kansas
5. Texas Tech
6. Kansas State
7. Colorado
8. Oklahoma State
9. Texas A&M
10. Nebraska
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor

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ISU Game Notes

Posted by dahorns on October 16, 2007

First, I actually missed a majority of the second half because I had to drive to Forth Worth for wedding. Don’t worry, I listened on the radio. I know, I know, what type of friends schedule a wedding on a game day? To be fair to them, they were attempting to schedule around OU and the wedding didn’t actually start until 6. Forth Worth just happens to be pretty far away. This will just be some quick game notes because I really didn’t see that much of the game.

1. Colt F’n McCoy. Welcome back young man. This looked like the guy I saw last year. This looked like the guy that had some type of magical awareness of the exact inch where the line of scrimmage started. This looked like the guy that wasn’t afraid to take the ball and run with it. Yeah, this was Iowa State… but this also looked like Texas. How often have we really been able to say that this year?

2. Kindle! This guy needs to start. He enters the game and all the sudden that pesky running back that was gashing us for yards is being stopped COLD. One on one. He hits hard and he hits fast.

3. Quan Cosby is the best player on this football team. I’d elaborate, but if you didn’t realize it already you’re probably too brain dead to operate a computer.

4. Our secondary is pretty damn good. When the QB doesn’t have a year to throw, these guys are staying right on the receivers. Blythe is one of the best receivers in the country this year and is a serious NFL talent. Palmer stayed with him all game long. Good job.

5. Colt as a leader
About time.

I’ll post more comprehensive notes once I get a chance to watch the replay. A game like this is always good for the team’s confidence. I usually try to temper my enthusiasm after a game against a 1 win team, but this team really needed to put together a complete game. No mistakes. Good job guys.

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Just a quick note…

Posted by RubyLynn on October 15, 2007

Txhny and I are recovering from our journey into enemy territory, so my apologies for the light posting. We’ll be back on track this week, starting tonight or tomorrow with a full review of our weekend. We met a lot of great people, drank way too much beer (repetitive Lonestars if you will), and had lots of fun.

If you’re visiting Gabriel’s Horn for the first time after meeting us at the festival, welcome! Check out our past posts, print archives, and feel free to comment and let us know what you think!


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Big XII Roundtable: The Aftermath

Posted by TxHny on October 10, 2007

This week’s roundtable is hosted by Bring on the Cats. Head over to check out the rest of the Big 12 blogger responses.

1. Some teams are coming off a big win or wins (Oklahoma, Colorado, KU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Missouri), while others are dealing with the sting of a tough loss or losses (K-State, Texas, Nebraska, Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State). Tell us where your team is headed in the wake of the first two weeks of conference play.

I know you never thought you’d hear me say this after two conference losses (actually, 4 in a row, but who’s counting?) but I’m oddly comfortable with Texas. Sure, we can talk about our troubles, but I don’t think any of them mean you can count the Horns out. (Well. Unless your talking about National Championships or Big XII titles….) We lost the OU game, but it was the first time this season I’ve really been satisfied with our performance. Up next is Iowa State and Baylor — which will be a nice break before Nebraska and Oklahoma State. Then we’ll face Texas Tech and Texas A&M.

The question is — will we win out? I think everyone knows we could. If I was a betting sort of gal (which I am), I’d say we still have one loss coming our way. That being said, I’m not sure if it will be Leach’s pirates, our sheepish friends in College Station or if the Huskers will serve up the loss.

2. Colorado and Texas A&M have emerged as unlikely conference leaders at 2-0 (give yourself a cookie if you predicted that), while preseason darlings Texas (0-2) and Nebraska (1-1 and not playing well) are floundering. Do the current leaders have the wherewithal to make it to San Antonio, or will somebody from elsewhere in the pack overtake them?

I think Texas A&M and Colorado have what it takes to get to San Antonio, but I don’t think they will. Oklahoma is still kind of a big deal. The Colorado game is what it is: an upset. I don’t believe it is an indicator that we should all start doing bows to Colorado or treating Oklahoma like they aren’t going to rip someone a new one given the opportunity. In the North, I wouldn’t count Nebraska and Mizzou out either.

Is Texas A&M the real deal? Eh, tough to say. They’ve only got one loss, and while it looked bad on TV, no shame in losing to Miami. However, they haven’t really beaten anyone significant. I think after this Saturday we’ll see how the Ags measure up. A loss this weekend will be tough because the Ags have a long season ahead.

Enough rambling:

North: Missouri
South: Oklahoma (Sucks).

3. A few weeks ago we did a ranking of the six BCS conferences, with most bloggers picking the Big 12 in the middle of the pack, which would be a big improvement over the last couple years. Have the middle and bottom teams of the conference improved significantly, or have the teams at the top declined significantly? Or is it something else?

“One thing is for sure, Texas is not the same team it was with Vince Young.” You can say that again.

K-State has come a long way, and I’m not just saying that because they beat us twice. Okay, really, I’m saying that because they beat us twice in a row. Even though Texas is not what it was, beating us twice in a row certainly isn’t something a lot of teams have done.

Colorado is markedly better. It was just an upset, but last years Buffs team couldn’t have pulled it against OU.

Missouri has a couple of impressive wins under its belt. Is this team good enough to carry the hype? I’d like to hope so.

Oklahoma State has lost a bit of its former steam. The team isn’t terrible, but I’ll wait before I start throwing around words like “improved”.

Texas Tech is the same ol’ Tech we know and love.

Texas A&M is currently featuring Fran’s last stand. If the Ags win 5 of 6 they’ll be the team Aggies have been desperately awaiting, if he loses 4, 5 or 6 of 6, this will be the straw that broke the sheep’s back and will clearly mark a low for Aggies.

4. Getting waaaaay ahead of ourselves: What if Missouri or KU goes undefeated and wins the Big 12 Championship Game? Would they get a shot at the national championship game?

No. And that is all I have to say about that.

5. Rank the conference teams

1. OU

2. Missouri

3. Nebraska

4. Texas

5. Kansas

6. Colorado

7. KState

8. Texas Tech

9. Texas A&M

10. Oklahoma State

11. Baylor

12. Iowa State

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It’s Business Time

Posted by TxHny on October 10, 2007

Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.”

Heidi Klum. Successful business woman, mom and producer (?) of one of our guilty pleasures: Project Runway.

Yeah, we don’t really get where the plot with Friday Night Lights is going either. It works out – high school was sort of a blur of drama that didn’t make sense. At any point, Scott Porter looks great in the football pants and with the coach’s polo. What’s that? Give you 20? Yes sir. (Oh – and before we get “ew, gross, high school boy” comments – he was totally born in 1979!)

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Post OU Post

Posted by dahorns on October 9, 2007

Yay Beer!

1. Colt looked a lot better this game than at any other point in the season. I know he missed some open receivers, I know he double clutched and took sacks when he really didn’t need to, but he looked like Colt again for the most part. He didn’t play well enough to win us the game, but he certainly didn’t lose it for us.

2. Norton laid one of the best hits the entire game and stuffed an OU RB (Demurray I think? I can’t remember if it was before or after he took over) at the goal line. They still scored that drive, but that was AWESOME. The guy was running with a pretty good head of steam and Norton stuffed him one on one. He didn’t gain one inch after contact.

3. Nate Jones and Quan Cosby continue to impress. Nate has been Mr. Clutch for us all season long, getting open and converting third downs. Quan has been absolutely unstoppable no matter where he is on the field. His touchdown was a beauty. Colt just threw it up to him and Quan, with two defenders surrounding him, stole the ball out of the air. He is also one of the most consistent kick returners I’ve ever seen. Come hell or high water he is getting to the 40 yard line… he just needs to work on getting past that last guy. He’ll break a couple before the year is over.

4. Finley was our best weapon against OU. He abused them over the middle time and time again. It didn’t matter who was covering him, they couldn’t come close to stopping him or bringing him down. Too bad we decided to stop throwing his way in the second half. I mean… they were triple covering him in the 2nd quarter and we still threw his way, it isn’t like they could have put more people on him in the second half.

5. Beasley held his own for most the game. He got burned a few times, but was much improved from earlier in the season. Foster shut down his man. Palmer gets burned, but hits hard and doesn’t allow much after the catch. I know OU put up some yards through the air, but I really can’t blame it on the secondary. They played a really good game. If the linebackers (Derry, Bobino, Kill) could have done anything in the middle of the field, or if the D-line could have pretended to bring some pressure, you’d hear a lot of compliments for our secondary in the media.

6. D-line in run stopping mode. They didn’t get a pass rush, but they pretty much clogged the running lanes all game long. It just so happened that if the RB got past them, our Linebackers probably weren’t going to make the play.

Double Fisting is for Moral Victories


1. Jamaal Charles needs to sit. Look, I love Charles. I think he is one of the most talented players to come to Texas during the Mack Brown era. If our line could run-block he’d be tearing it up this year. But you CANNOT fumble the ball in the red zone. You can’t do it and play. Period. Who the hell is telling him to hold the ball 3 feet to his side? I’m pretty sure he either A) thinks the ball is radioactive, B) thinks the ball is a 5’x5′ box, or C) is under the impression that he is confusing his opponents to his actual location. Jamaal killed two big drives for us against OU. Sure the pass to him could have been better, but he needs to make that play. It hit him in the hands. At the very least he could have batted it down. I’m not saying he shouldn’t play, only that he shouldn’t start and should have to earn back his carries.

2. Sweed is out for the season. I’ll be honest, I was mad at him for his performance (before I learned of the injury). He didn’t look like he was trying. I also thought that a WR that wants to be considered an ELITE WR needs to make that catch at the end of the game. It was under thrown, but it was also the type of play Limas is born to make. 6’5” and a leaper. It was his play and we needed it. It appears however that the injury to his wrist was much more serious than was made known. Maybe all his drops this year have been attributed to it. I wish him well. He was a great Horn. He will always be remembered fondly for his catch against OSU. Get well Limas! Hope we get to watch you in the pros for many years!

3. Why are we not playing at least one of Muckleroy, Norton, or Kindle on every snap? I understand there is something to be said for experience. I understand that Mack wants to give all our players time to shine, and I understand that they love him for it. I don’t understand leaving an ineffective unit on the field. It isn’t that Bobino, Derry, and Killebrew are all bad. They’ve all made plays to help this team win games. But they are bad TOGETHER. They can’t cover for each other’s deficiencies and the result is teams abusing them.

Norton is the best LBer on this team and HAS to be in the game at critical situations. Muck is fighting him for second. Why not, instead of doing a complete unit rotation like we have been, we mix up our units so that we consistently field an effective set of LBers without wearing a single unit out? Is Norton, Derry, Kill and Muck, Bobino, and Kindle not a better set than what we currently do? Sure, I’d like to have Norton, Muck, and Kindle out there 90% of the time, but I understand that won’t happen for various reasons. We certainly can come up with something better than we have and that will still allow our seniors playing time.

4. Aaron Lewis went down. He is my favorite defensive player for the horns this year. He has been everywhere and he hit HARD. Hope you get well soon. Without him our non-existent pass rush against OU might become a season long affair.

5. Why does it seem like every year one of OU’s players goes down with an injury… and then his backup kicks our ass? Kudos to you Demurray.


Horns played their best game of the year and came up short. Why did it take us so long to put together a relatively complete performance? If we see the same type of fire and play that we saw from the team this weekend, we have a shot at going unbeaten the rest of the way. I know OU lost to Colorado, but this was still a very good team that this Texas team took on for 4 quarters. 4 Weeks ago would you have really thought the game would be this close? Moral victories suck, and I would never use them. This was first and foremost a LOSS. That being said, there were some good things to take from this weekend, but we have to convert them to wins the rest of the season.

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