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No, We’re Not Dead.

Posted by RubyLynn on February 21, 2008

Hello out there in Longhorn land!

We just wanted to post something quick to let everyone know we didn’t faint or die from exhaustion at an Obama rally. (Although we did have minor freakouts from the Cowboys poor performance in the playoffs – AGAIN.) We here at the Horn are alive and well; we’re just BIG slackers.

Given that neither Txhny nor I are big basketball fans (don’t get us wrong, we enjoy watching the Horns, but neither of us feel we know enough to put any sort of commentary online), we haven’t posted much over the past few months.

This will mainly be a football blog come late summer/early fall, but we’re hoping to post some baseball content every once in a while now that the season is here.

Thanks for those of you who have commented and emailed saying you miss us!


TheMaskedWino & Txhny

And for those of you who have yet to vote: Freedom is popular again.


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A few notes…

Posted by TxHny on November 12, 2007

horn.pngFutbol. While we’re all busy scratching our heads about what it would take to get Texas to the Sugar Bowl, the Longhorn Soccer Ladies picked up another Big 12 Soccer Tournament title. They defeated Texas A&M 2-1 to take the tournament. Congrats ladies.

horn.pngInjuries, good and bad. Senior Tony Hills is out for the last game of the season. Jamaal Charles will have two weeks to heal his heel. Thanks for everything Tony. No news yet about Norton, others.

horn.pngLeach is crazy, new appreciation for Mack Brown. While I sincerely enjoyed Mack’s much needed “meltdown” at the Oklahoma State game, I’m really glad we have a more dignified and respectful coach on our sidelines. This outburst by Mike Leach regarding the officiating at the game is classless, disrespectful and most of all unfounded. That first Longhorn TD was questionable, but that is just the way the game goes. We’ve had calls like that against us many times. Sure, we like to bitch about them, but we aren’t the coach of a football team. Normally Leach’s antics amuse me, but I hope he has to walk the plank for this…

horn.pngBack to life, back to reality. (If you get this joke +5 points for you.) We knew this year was not going to be easy and early on in the year I heard predictions of six losses. I certainly didn’t believe six, but I might have given you four. Texas may not be headed to the MNC, but I think we quieted a lot of dissent on Saturday.


“I think we’re back in the mix,” Texas coach Mack Brown said. “What we need to do is play well in two weeks [against Texas A&M]. Then, if something crazy happens and the [Big 12] championship game is a possibility, that would be great. If not, we’re obviously all playing to get in the best place we can get in January.”

Their hopes of making the Big 12 championship game will depend on Oklahoma losing its last two regular-season games against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Texas will need to be ranked in the top 14 in the final BCS standings to be considered as an at-large team.

Back in the Saddle, ESPN

horn.pngRetraction of hate, hate, hate. Greg Davis – if that was really you up there in the booth, all I have to say is FINALLY!!!! I was watching the game and a friend remarked, “Did Texas just run a play that no one expected?!” Yes, yes they did. All afternoon the Horns showed offensive depth, originality and execution. Beautiful. Just like that against the Aggies, okay? And Tony Romo, I still don’t like you… but … good game yesterday. There. I said it.


Check this out. Spin! Spin! TD!!!!!

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Big XII Roundtable – Rise of the North

Posted by TxHny on October 3, 2007

This week’s Big XII Roundtable is hosted over at Clone Chronicles. Check it out to see everyone else’s responses.

Were Saturday’s games a sign that the Big 12 North may be on its way back?

The conference is pretty weak as a whole. People are now talking about the Big 12 the way they talk about the Big East (which makes me want to vomit.)

My Top Ten Weak List
1. Big 12
2. Texas (at least we’re at the top somewhere!!)
3. Tony Romo
4. Greg Davis
5. The f***ing screen pass!!
6. Cavemen Sitcom
7. David Hasselhoff
8. Traffic in Austin
9. Having to work on Saturday
10. Your mother

The Hoff is not as weak as your football team.

Is the Big 12 North “back”? I mean, they are certainly winning games against the South that they wouldn’t have won a couple of years ago. However, there will need to be consistent wins before we use the word “back.” (i.e. when the Nebraska-Colorado or the Missouri-Kansas game winners are considered national title contenders.) You can’t start talking about a power-shift to the North just because of one upset on Saturday. Just like you can’t start calling Chiles VY just because he’s African-American and scrambles well. (Please God. I’m a good Catholic. I know you can turn water into wine, sugar into cocaine, and vitamins in to amphetamines. Can you please turn John Chiles into Vince Young? Please!??!)

How seriously do we take the hot starts at Mizzou and Kansas?

Oh my god — Have you seen Lindsey Lohan, she’s totally cracked out on drugs! Oh, and Oprah gained/lost 80 pounds!!! And I was watching ESPN yesterday, and they were talking about Notre Dame! Shocking!!!

Yeah… not shocking. You’ve heard it before – just like this Mizzou/Kansas hype. I think Mizzou and Kansas have great talent and coaches. I’m just getting sort of sick of getting excited about them, and then watching them fizzle out.

Pick one team from the opposite division that you truly hate, and say why; follow this up by picking another team from the opposite division that you don’t mind pulling for, and say why.

Right now, I’d love to hate Kansas State. That is mostly being bitter – I don’t really hate them. I’d say Nebraska because they consistently give us trouble – but the fans are great and it is rarely a disappointing game. Colorado kinda pisses me off because they are either a) really good and beat us at inopportune moments or b) suck really bad and make Big 12 look (even) worse. Then again, they have a beautiful campus and fantastic fans. So… Iowa State? Yeah — Iowa State! How dare you take Gene Chizik! THIS is your fault!!!!!!

I’d love to see Missouri do well. Frankly, I want them to live up to the potential they clearly have.

The NCAA has enacted a rule allowing you to bring back one senior that graduated last year to play for your team for the rest of the season. Would you do it? And if so, who?

Get in my belly.

Justin Blalock, for sure. Our offensive line is terrible, and with his big hits and leadership, he could whip these kiddos into shape before Colt is concussioned out of the season.

Rank the conference teams.

I did this lottery style, because I pretty much have no idea what is going to happen on Saturday. It didn’t turn out too badly, Iowa State and Baylor still managed to be at the bottom. The top of the list is out of order a bit – but these days, who knows? Sure as hell isn’t me.

1. Kansas

2. Texas Tech

3. Oklahoma

4. Oklahoma State

5. Colorado

6. Texas

7. Kansas State

8. Texas A&M

9. Missouri

10. Nebraska

11. Baylor

12. Iowa State

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It’s business, It’s business time

Posted by RubyLynn on September 26, 2007

“But it’s okay because I turn it all into a sexy dance.”

Here ya go fellas:

That soft, touchable skin, those adorable ears, the knowing smile, the cute silly voice… what a great gal.

And for the ladies… We were going to find a picture of a Chicago Bear to put up, as a consolation prize for the ass-kicking they received from our beloved Cowboys, but upon finding that literally none of the Bears are good-looking enough to live up to our standards, we’re going with a tribute to the brand new Bachelor, Austinite Brad Womack:


Okay, okay… here’s the real one for the guys.

Carrie Underwood. Beautiful girl, beautiful voice. (But for the record, she can’t be an official girl-crush of ours because of her horrible, HORRIBLE fashion sense.)

Seriously? You can take the girl out of Oklahoma…

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The Texas Toast

Posted by TxHny on September 25, 2007

Toast: Live Oak Pilz, Hickory Street Bar & Grill (and Drinkery!)

MMM…. hops.

Your writers were feeling the pressures of every day life, and skipped over to Hickory Street Bar & Grill for a little happy hour wind down. Unable to pick when faced with the delight of $2 pints and too many choices, we sampled Fireman’s 4 and the Live Oak Pilz.

I always try Fireman’s 4, and just like with Tony Romo, I can’t get on board. I don’t like Fireman’s 4. I need to stop trying to like it. I’ve made my peace with disliking my favorite NFL team’s QB, I need to give up on my favorite brewing company’s (Real Ale Brewing, Blanco, Texas) blonde ale.

After almost no deliberation we decided on the Live Oak Pilz. A little bit “meatier” than the previous weeks’ toasts, this beer has a lot of flavor. This pilsner is has a strong hoppy taste without being too heavy. Unlike some of our other toasts, this crisp beer is available year round. Not the best pilsner any of us ever had, but certainly not the worst. We still love Live Oak’s other beers, check out the rest  here.

Hickory Street on the other hand was fantastic. They have lots of patio and indoor seating. They have great happy hour specials, particularly the $2 drafts all day, every day. (And have the Mango Margarita. Trust us.) We enjoyed the Three Amigos (queso, salsa and chips) with our drinks and later, a delicious burger and fries. The far part of the patio has pleasant misters to help with the heat until fall weather (finally) arrives. Depending on the evening, they have live music and karaoke. On the weekend they have an all-you-can-eat Brunch that would make your momma proud.

Oh, and the wait staff is great. If the owner
and his dog are there, give them a hello.

Stop on by: 800 Congress, Austin, Texas. 512.477.8968

All in all, we give this beer a three out of five.

Three out of five, not too shabby. Cheers!

I’ll tack on another half because of that rich golden color. Doesn’t it look yummy? Another Texas Toast coming up soon!!!

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