Gabriel's Horn

A terribly biased view of sports through the Eyes of Texas.

About the Authors

Txhny (SW) is the sometimes witty and always weird mastermind behind Gabriel’s Horn. After graduating from the University of Texas in 2006, she’s been taking a break before heading to one of the nation’s top law schools (to be determined) next year. Txhny was a proud member (and in fact, the president) of a women’s spirit group on campus before graduating, and continues to express her love of the Longhorns through Gabriel’s Horn.

GingerUT (JB) is the Texiest Longhorn fan you’ll ever meet. As an Austin native she never looked past the 40 acres when deciding her undergraduate collegiate career. As a member of the women’s spirit group, our co-founder rarely missed a game, even traveling great lengths to come early, be loud & stay late. A Texas-Ex as of 2007, she has traversed into mixed territory in Houston, Texas and has a full time position as University of Texas recruiter. (Okay, she is a Math teacher, but we know what she’s really up to.) From her posts, you’ll rest assure that even in Houston she still bleeds burnt orange.

If there was a mixed drink that embodied southern hospitality, Texas pride and a lot of tequila it would be called The Masked Wino (n/k/a RubyLynn). Originally brought on staff inescapably as a result of being roommates and in the spirit group with the above authors, The Masked Wino has proven herself a rare find: Trash talk that makes the boys blush, a healthy dose of class and the unique ability to decipher the cacophonous babble of Txhny and GingerUT into a coherent message fit for public consumption. Blend all of that with a little lime and a passion for Longhorn sports and you’ll have an idea of what The Masked Wino brings to Gabriel’s Horn.


One Response to “About the Authors”

  1. Roxi said

    And why wasn’t i let in on these???? I was thinking about how I missed y’alls newsletters….and lo and behold i find it on themaskedwino’s page. I hate y’all hahah but I love the page 🙂 Now I can keep up. HOOK’EM HORNS!

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