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Texas Toast: Blondes Have More Fun

Posted by TxHny on October 17, 2007

Texas Toast: The Grolsch Blonde

This will be yet another toast to our favorite folks over at Amsterdam Cafe.

Nate – our favorite bartender/baby sitter. Sorry, Nate.

We were at Amsterdam for our weekly happy hour, and realized we needed to toast to Texas. So, Nate suggested a Grolsch. A nice lager of the Dutch persuasion, this one a blonde beer.

We’d tell you more about it – but we were a little tipsy from all the shots we took. Just trust us. It was excellent.


The editors give it three, sorta tipsy, high fives.

Oh, and to the poor folks at Amsterdam, we’re really sorry for the drunky-drunks (that shall remain nameless) that were at your bar last week. Don’t people know how to behave in public places?

What can I say, blondes really do have more fun.

Come hang out with us and Chis and the Nates! 8th and Colorado.


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The Texas Toast

Posted by TxHny on September 25, 2007

Toast: Live Oak Pilz, Hickory Street Bar & Grill (and Drinkery!)

MMM…. hops.

Your writers were feeling the pressures of every day life, and skipped over to Hickory Street Bar & Grill for a little happy hour wind down. Unable to pick when faced with the delight of $2 pints and too many choices, we sampled Fireman’s 4 and the Live Oak Pilz.

I always try Fireman’s 4, and just like with Tony Romo, I can’t get on board. I don’t like Fireman’s 4. I need to stop trying to like it. I’ve made my peace with disliking my favorite NFL team’s QB, I need to give up on my favorite brewing company’s (Real Ale Brewing, Blanco, Texas) blonde ale.

After almost no deliberation we decided on the Live Oak Pilz. A little bit “meatier” than the previous weeks’ toasts, this beer has a lot of flavor. This pilsner is has a strong hoppy taste without being too heavy. Unlike some of our other toasts, this crisp beer is available year round. Not the best pilsner any of us ever had, but certainly not the worst. We still love Live Oak’s other beers, check out the rest  here.

Hickory Street on the other hand was fantastic. They have lots of patio and indoor seating. They have great happy hour specials, particularly the $2 drafts all day, every day. (And have the Mango Margarita. Trust us.) We enjoyed the Three Amigos (queso, salsa and chips) with our drinks and later, a delicious burger and fries. The far part of the patio has pleasant misters to help with the heat until fall weather (finally) arrives. Depending on the evening, they have live music and karaoke. On the weekend they have an all-you-can-eat Brunch that would make your momma proud.

Oh, and the wait staff is great. If the owner
and his dog are there, give them a hello.

Stop on by: 800 Congress, Austin, Texas. 512.477.8968

All in all, we give this beer a three out of five.

Three out of five, not too shabby. Cheers!

I’ll tack on another half because of that rich golden color. Doesn’t it look yummy? Another Texas Toast coming up soon!!!

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The Texas Toast

Posted by TxHny on September 7, 2007

Toast: Frozen Sangria from El Chilito Tacos Y Cafe

This week we deviate slightly from the norm and we feature something that isn’t a beer. I know, shocking. Last year, we considered ourselves strickly beer drinkin’ Texas gals, but under the influence of TheMaskedWino we’re branching out. Before we dive head first into the many luscious Oktoberfest and fall brews available, enjoy a nice chilly Sangria while it is still 90 degrees out.

If you need a little chilly with your chilies, hit up El Chilito.

A longtime favorite of your bloggers, El Chilito offers a frozen Sangria that is simply amazing. The large is $3.95 (don’t wimp out and get the small. This is Texas bucko. In fact, order two because you’re such a lush.)

Do we know what is in it? Nope. Do we know how many calories? Nope. And we don’t care, thankyouverymuch. Great atmosphere, great prices, and great grub.

El Chilito is located at 2209 Manor Drive, Austin, Tejas 78722. If you’ve never been before, it is an outdoor cafe and takeout joint. Our executive recommendation to pair with your frozen Sangrias? Try the Carne Asada taco or burrito. Delicious.

Check out the whole menu here.

Rating: 5 out of 5. Oh, and did we mention you can get them To Go? It’s totally a closed container until you put a straw in it.


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Pay Per View?!

Posted by TxHny on August 31, 2007

While two of your authors will most certainly be at the game, we’re appalled the remainder of the 23 million Texans (not to mention Texas alums out of state) will have to shell out 30 bucks to catch the season opener. (And before the fans from other Texas universities chime in, you know you watch Texas games. Keep your enemies close, right?) The good points of this plan include retaining both arms and legs as a result of not purchasing season tickets, simultaneous beverage consumption with game watching and potentially avoiding contact with any Arkansas fans (which did not go well for me personally in 2004) — we can hardly believe someone hasn’t done something. Now I ask you, WWLD? (What Would Ladybird Do?) She’d have gotten us the game on network television. Rules, my friend, do not apply to Ladybird Johnson.

WWLD? Not put up with PPV.

Since there is in fact nothing we can do about the Pay Per View situation, you have one of three options:

1) Shell out the 30 bucks, call some friends and neighbors over and try this or this. And of course, have some Skinny Dip.

Advisable. You’ll still get to see Charles singe the grass as he blazes down the field and provided you don’t live in Oklahoma, you probably have air conditioning and will be out of the rain. Plus, you can’t have a beer in DKR.

2) Watch the game at a kickass bar like Third Base (6th&Mopac) and spend that 30 bucks on beer. Casual enough that you don’t feel odd in your Texas T-shirt, but classy enough that the floor doesn’t contain “bar sludge.” Perks: a couple of pool tables, shuffleboard, and excellent staff.

Also advisable. Make some instant friends out of strangers, and you’ll be able to catch the rest of college cupcake games on the various screens.

3) Just miss the first week of college football. You know, catch up on some reading. Clean out the fridge. Play a little Xbox.

And be dead to us.

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