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A terribly biased view of sports through the Eyes of Texas.


 This blog started out in September of 2006 as a weekly newsletter by two University of Texas students involved in a women’s spirit group, and ceased sometime around 2007, when we graduated and got real jobs.

Currently, TxHny and The Masked Wino, n/k/a Ruby Lynn, blog about everything important, including college football, at our new blog – Stop on by, have a look, and if you’d like to get in touch with us, that’s the best way to do it.

When we started this blog, the lovely editors felt there was a little too much boozing and boys (if there can be such a thing) in their women’s spirit group and not enough sports knowledge among the members. In order to educate the girls on important statistics and issues for the week, the founders strived to bring grade A sports content alongside humorous and jestful banter. (Who are we kidding – we brought the smack!) What was initially distributed to the group, a few friends and colleagues became a widely distributed multipage issue that maintained its initial purpose for the casual sports enthusiast, but developed in a way that would attract even the most knowledgeable and devoted superfans. As our content and audience grew, the Horn picked up an invaluable editor to catch our blaring grammatical and practical mistakes as well as throw a jab at the opposing team. In year two, our editor becomes our third contributor under the alias of The Masked Wino. To learn more about us, check out our first post.

We’d love your comments, suggestions and above all trash talking. However, be careful what you say, we’re just waiting to tee it up with you. Head on over to, and drop us a comment or an email. 🙂

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