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A few notes…

Posted by TxHny on November 12, 2007

horn.pngFutbol. While we’re all busy scratching our heads about what it would take to get Texas to the Sugar Bowl, the Longhorn Soccer Ladies picked up another Big 12 Soccer Tournament title. They defeated Texas A&M 2-1 to take the tournament. Congrats ladies.

horn.pngInjuries, good and bad. Senior Tony Hills is out for the last game of the season. Jamaal Charles will have two weeks to heal his heel. Thanks for everything Tony. No news yet about Norton, others.

horn.pngLeach is crazy, new appreciation for Mack Brown. While I sincerely enjoyed Mack’s much needed “meltdown” at the Oklahoma State game, I’m really glad we have a more dignified and respectful coach on our sidelines. This outburst by Mike Leach regarding the officiating at the game is classless, disrespectful and most of all unfounded. That first Longhorn TD was questionable, but that is just the way the game goes. We’ve had calls like that against us many times. Sure, we like to bitch about them, but we aren’t the coach of a football team. Normally Leach’s antics amuse me, but I hope he has to walk the plank for this…

horn.pngBack to life, back to reality. (If you get this joke +5 points for you.) We knew this year was not going to be easy and early on in the year I heard predictions of six losses. I certainly didn’t believe six, but I might have given you four. Texas may not be headed to the MNC, but I think we quieted a lot of dissent on Saturday.


“I think we’re back in the mix,” Texas coach Mack Brown said. “What we need to do is play well in two weeks [against Texas A&M]. Then, if something crazy happens and the [Big 12] championship game is a possibility, that would be great. If not, we’re obviously all playing to get in the best place we can get in January.”

Their hopes of making the Big 12 championship game will depend on Oklahoma losing its last two regular-season games against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Texas will need to be ranked in the top 14 in the final BCS standings to be considered as an at-large team.

Back in the Saddle, ESPN

horn.pngRetraction of hate, hate, hate. Greg Davis – if that was really you up there in the booth, all I have to say is FINALLY!!!! I was watching the game and a friend remarked, “Did Texas just run a play that no one expected?!” Yes, yes they did. All afternoon the Horns showed offensive depth, originality and execution. Beautiful. Just like that against the Aggies, okay? And Tony Romo, I still don’t like you… but … good game yesterday. There. I said it.


Check this out. Spin! Spin! TD!!!!!


6 Responses to “A few notes…”

  1. +5 for me!!

  2. Stephan said

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with Leach’s speech besides the fact that he calls out the officials who live in Austin. He’s absolutely correct that the review system needs to be corrected or done away with. His point that it is simply there to make it look like someone is doing their job is spot on and we don’t have to look far to see that’s true (UConn on blown call, Pac10 Considering changes). The review system has been issue from its inception and just like the recent clock and kick-off rules, it needs to be fixed.

    I don’t really care about the touchdown at the beginning and its subsequent review, every angle I’ve seen doesn’t look like a TD but I doubt it would have changed the momentum of the game.

  3. txhny said

    That is the problem – you can complain about the nature of officiating, rules, etc. , but when you target specific officials that’s a big no-no. Plus, if you have a problem with the system – don’t complain about it right after a loss – it looks like sour grapes.

    Example: If you are anti-BCS you should be so all the time – not just when the system isn’t in your favor. Sure this is different, but Leach would have been just fine with an official being from Austin had they won the game.

    I think it was an unclassy thing to do. Roles reversed, I think a lot of other coaches (namely, Mack Brown) would have handled it better.

  4. Stephan said

    Well, he didn’t state names, just the fact that some of the refs were hometown boys (which in and of itself is a questionable practice, the NFL doesn’t even allow that). The NCAA does have a rule regarding commenting about the officiating of games and I’m sure we’ll see some kind of statement from them. From what I’ve seen the NCAA is reviewing the game and the officiating, including the reviewer’s actions.

    Leach has been vocal about the review system in the past, so he isn’t just doing it because he lost. And we both know Leach isn’t a “classy” guy. He shoots straight and calls it like he sees it, which to some, is respectable.

    I also believe he was asked about the officiating, he didn’t just out of the blue decide to start going off on it. You’re right, he probably wouldn’t have said anything about the officiating because it probably would not have been an issue if they won (unless there were terrible calls against Texas). I didn’t stay for the Mack Brown press conference but was he asked about the officiating?

  5. lucky21you said

    I love that clip…or maybe just that boy. Either way though, I’m glad you put it up. As for Greg, I’ve been nice to him lately, but I still don’t think he’ll get a compliment from me until we see how we finish the season. Oh and Homo still sucks….Sorry, I just can’t like the Cowboys.

  6. txhny said

    I’m not sure if Mack was asked or not – but Mack gets asked tough questions all the time. I think we were the most criticized 7-2 team in the land!

    I just think it was a little unclassy. As a long time reader of the Horn, Stephan, you know we bitch about the rules, refs, football powers that be all the time. So I appreciate Leach’s “straight shooting” but there is a line.

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