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Big 12 Roundtable Round Up

Posted by TxHny on November 9, 2007


Thanks to everyone for participating, good thoughts all around.

1. With only two or three games left, how are you feeling about your season? Disappointed, elated, surprised, a little violated?

I can relate to PB over at BON, and I’m not sure what girls kissing had to do with it, but right on. 🙂

Exhausted. I feel like I just got through a six hour sex-a-fight with my girlfriend. Lots of fighting, with pauses now and again to have wild make up sex. Rinse, repeat.

I also really enjoyed the optimism from Clone Chronicles. I’m still mad at you for taking our DC. Particularly as the flaws in our pass defense will be painfully exposed this weekend.

As strange as it may sound to opposing fans, I really do feel excited. We bottomed out against Texas, but ever since, we really have been playing on a different level. Playing neck-and-neck with two top ten teams in OU and Mizzou, then our biggest win in two years over Kansas State. It’s a beautiful thing knowing that the player’s are buying into Gene Chizik’s system. We have a very winnable game on Saturday against Colorado, and I don’t expect us to just lay down for KU.

And perhaps the best summation comes from CornNation. I think most Husker fans are with you. When Nebraska was in town, we saw Husker fans walking around with T-shirts that said “The Callahan Farewell Tour.” It had this seasons schedule, with the scores from all the games. Ice cold.

Disappointment is when you fumble a ball on a 3rd and 2 play and let Texas come back to beat you at home. It’s when your star receiver fumbles a ball on the first play of the Big 12 Championship game and spots Oklahoma a 7-0 lead. No, this season isn’t disappointing. This season is embarrassing. It’s humiliating.

2. I have to ask, how do you feel about the (possible) buyout of Fran at Texas A&M?

Sounds like most of Big 12 either A) couldn’t care less or B) thinks Fran is the key to keeping Texas A&M as a Mediocre team.

CornNation agrees with Brad at the 12thmanchild in that the insider’s newsletter was the breaking point.

He broke the number one rule of staying employed. If things are going badly, don’t give them an excuse to get rid of you. I never saw the greatness that others did in Franchione before he got to A&M, but the stunt he pulled with the insider’s newsletter was the mark of a fool.

Rock M Nation relates Aggies sentiments.

As long as he’s around long enough to keep the ball out of J-Train’s hands this weekend like he’s done all year, I’m absolutely fine with it. But, also, as the brother of an Aggie and the son of an Alabama alum, I know the rest of my family is ready to see him walk out the door with his tail between his legs. Even if each leg is worth $1 million per year in buyout terms.

Harsh words from Bring on the Cats. Harsh words, but kinda true.

I will never feel sorry for any of the big-money (Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Nebraska) programs in the Big 12. Ever. They get themselves into situations like this, and I feel it’s my duty to laugh at them when it happens. Go ahead, Aggies. Throw money at the situation, and hope to God it gets better. A great reminder to every arrogant fan of a big-money program that you’re only one bad head coach from suckage. Oklahoma learned that in the 1990s, as did Texas. Nebraska has learned its lesson now. And A&M is perfecting the technique.

3. We’ve picked coaches, players, stadiums and everything else from other teams. Now, we get down to something even more near and dear: mascots. If you could pick another Big 12 mascot other than your own – who would it be and why?

The Big 12 favorite – Raphie from Colorado (picked by Husker Mike, CornNation and Bring on the Cats).

The runner up? The Texas Tech Red Raider(picked by BON and CCM). Who doesn’t like zoro?

Other votes came in for Pistol Pete and Bevo.

4. Unexpected Greatness, Unexpected Suckage. Who surprised you this year? Who did you get really excited about, only to be let down? (The first Roundtable asked who was the face of the franchise – do you still feel that way?)

I have to agree with BON, Sergio Kindle is an animal.

Do not fuck with Sergio Kindle.

And I also agree, unfortunatly, with CCM. Damn it. I was really hoping that the Bomar fiasco was going to be the beginning of a QB nightmare for the Sooners. Damn. Damn. Damn.

There hasn’t been a bigger surprise at OU this season than the quality of play that Sam Bradford is giving the Sooners. He has now become the “face of the franchise” at OU rising from obsqurity to national recognition.

Even more agreement with MidWest Coast Bias. The Sam Keller story womps.

I was very excited about Sam Keller and Marlon Lucky. Sam did about as well as a one year transfer would normally be expected to, but he played within the system fairly well and, with more time, I felt could’ve been something special in the offense. I still feel badly about the way his career ended and probably always will. Marlon continues to prove doubters in his own camp wrong.

I was expecting a bit more from Bo Ruud this year. I thought perhaps the preseason magazines saw something that I didn’t. It just didn’t seem that Ruud had the explosion, the aggression and the passion that I expected from a senior let alone a captain. Then again, I haven’t seen that from a few guys on Saturday in red.

A little more disappointment from the Nebraska camp at Husker Mike’s Blasphemy.

Well, Ndamakong Suh probably needs to be on a milk carton as he’s practically disappeared. Heck…last week, FSN couldn’t even get his number right. And Nebraska’s entire linebacker corp has proven to be a huge disappointment.

5. I told you there would be booze. Characterize your team by the beverage of your choice.

I was a little surprised that there were no-drinking sports bloggers. Don’t worry, the Masked Wino and I drink your share. For the rest of us, it appears there is a reason football and drinking go hand-in-hand.

Clone Chronicles

Straight vodka. You know that it’s not going to down easy, and that enough of it will probably make you puke, but you keep coming back. After a while, the horrible taste wears away and you start to feel warm and more self confident. You know you shouldn’t overindulge and become too attached, but you usually do, and before you know it, you’re crying and puking at the same time.

Husker Mike

We’re those little bottles of booze on an airplane. You hand over your money, and you get this little sip (Nevada). Then you spend the rest of the flight (season) realizing you got screwed royally.

However, the prize goes to Bring On The Cats

I will characterize K-State as wine in a liquor store. Not any specific kind of wine, just wine. You see, I hate wine. I never drink it unless I absolutely have to. I wouldn’t know a good bottle of wine if its cork popped out and hit me in the nuts. So, I am likely to be about as consistent about choosing a good bottle of wine from the hundreds of bottles at the liquor store as K-State is likely to consistently play well this year. Sometimes I’ll make a home-run decision and pick a bottle of win that rocks my socks (analogous to: Texas game, Colorado game), and sometimes I’ll pick something that tastes like it was strained through a Frenchman’s sweaty socks (analogous to: Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Baylor first half).

Lightning Round

– BIG 12 Loves

Jamaal Charles, Sam Bradford, Jordy Nelson, Chase Daniels, Jorvorskie Lane, Michael Crabtree, Frandullah, Marlon Lucky, Steve Octavien, Zack Bowman, Seth Jensen, Kansas Jayhawks, Cortney Grixby, Nate Swift, Maurice Purify, Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Watts, Rushing Attacks, and “I’m a man! I’m forty!”

– BIG 12 Disses

Texas Tech, Colorado, Stephen McGee, Mike Gundy, Baylor, Steve Pederson, Bill Callahan, Kevin Cosgrove, Mike Gundy, Dennis Franchione, Mike Gundy, Gary Pinkel, Dantrell Savage, Aggie receivers, Chris Harrington, Mark Dodge, DeMarco Murray, Malcolm Kelly, Curtis Lofton, Gerald McCoy, Iowa State, Nebraska, Texas and OSU.

– Pick ‘em Consensus (and Dissent)

Colorado @ Iowa state – Colorado (4)
Texas A&M @ Mizzou – Mizzou (0)
KState @ Nebraska – KState (2)
TCEH @ Texas – Texas (1)
Baylor @ Oklahoma – Oklahoma (0)
Kansas @ Okay State – Kansas (3)

– Rank ‘em Consensus.

1. Kansas
2. Oklahoma
3. Mizzouri
4. Texas
5. Oklahoma State
6. Texas Tech
7. Kansas State
8. Texas A&M
9. Colorado
10. Iowa State
11. Nebraska
12. Baylor


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