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Texas Tech Hate Week Day 3 – “Even U of H is better than Tech”

Posted by gingerut on November 8, 2007

You want stats? I’ll give you stats.

Nebraska > Wake Forest > Florida State > Colorado > Texas Tech

But it doesn’t stop there. I continued to dig and found:
University of Houston > Colorado State > UNLV > Utah > San Diego State > Wyoming > Virginia > Nebraska > Wake Forest > Florida State > Colorado > Texas Tech.

And when I applied the transitive property:
University of Houston > Texas Tech.

good ol’ Conference USA.


7 Responses to “Texas Tech Hate Week Day 3 – “Even U of H is better than Tech””

  1. Zebbie L. said

    wait for…you knew somebody would play this one against Texas…

    Baylor > Buffalo > Temple > Akron > Kent State > Iowa State > K-State > Texas

    So yes…I have been able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that in fact Baylor is better than Texas, despite what the scoreboard in Waco might have read recently.

    But wait…it gets better…

    Texas Tech > Rice > East Carolina > North Carolina > Maryland > Rutgers > South Florida > Auburn > K-State > Texas

    So pack up your bags Horns and don’t even bother showing up on Saturday!!!!!!

  2. txhny said

    This is why I gave up on Math and Sciences and became a History major.

    I think somewhere we decided that only we could use crazy inequality math, but good form Zebbie. I’ll entertain it.

    Oh, we’re packing our bags – full of whoopass! Bring it Tech!!!!

    Get yur grades up! (A la Samantha Lynn.)

  3. Sorry Zebbie, your crazy inequality math doesn’t work this time. Texas beat Iowa State, so that chain stops there. Also, we beat Rice as well, so that one doesn’t work either. Our resident math expert (gingerut) used the chain properly, as you haven’t played anyone between U of H and yourselves. So as we at Gabriel’s Horn teach the School of Crazy Inequality Math, it cannot be used against us, no matter how hard you try.

  4. Zebbie L. said

    Grades is what grades be…i got grades too…B C D F…it all averages out…so what???

    Maybe I’ll get bored at work this afternoon and work on 2 things for tomorrow:

    1. Some crazy angle to look at the game and determine why Tech can win this one.
    2. Figure out some good drinking games for tmrw since I won’t be making the trip to Austin. At least I was able to sell my tix to some Tech fans! A few drinking ideas:

    1. Every time Texas has a run of 10 or more yards…you drink.
    2. Every time Tech drops a catchable ball…you drink.
    3. Every time they show Leach with a “what the hell is going on?” look on his face…you drink.
    4. Every time they show Mack Brown giving his inspirational clap…you drink.
    5. Every time Colt McCoy scrambles for 10 yards…throw something at the TV…and then you drink twice (see Rule 1).

  5. Zebbie L. said

    shhh…you weren’t supposed to figure out the obvious holes in the math!

    Besides the QB at Houston (Case Keenum) is a good friend of the blog…so he wouldn’t do that to Tech! 😉

    Since you went and called me out…it’s going to get much worse for Texas now….

    Syracuse > Louisville > NC State > East Carolina > Maryland > Rutgers > South Florida > Auburn > K-State > Texas

    Yes that’s right…Syracuse, the 2-7 Syracuse Orangemen (complete with the ugliest uniforms in football) are better than Texas.

  6. Great drinking game. (Aside from throwing something at the tv) As for your crazy inequality math equation, you’re doing better young grasshopper. I still say it doesn’t count, but as I don’t have a good reason, I’ll have to let you have this one.

  7. Stephan said

    This post and the comments beg for a giant tailgate.

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