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The Last 2 Weeks

Posted by dahorns on November 7, 2007

Hi kids! Sorry for not posting game reviews, school has gotten hectic. Anyways, the last 2 weeks have probably witnessed some of the worst and some of the best this team has to offer. Like most good people, I love roller coasters. You get to go really fast with lots of sudden changes in direction, all without later explaining to an officer that a large spider jumped in your lap. That being said, roller coasters are only fun because you know at some point they’ll end and you’ll be allowed to leave. This team is a roller coaster, without safety belts, large sections of missing track, and no photograph at the end. Anyways…

1. Jamaal Charles has been amazing. Remember when I said Jamaal needed to sit and earn back his playing time after OU? Yeah…. how does this sound 476 yards on 49 carries for a 9.7 yards per carry average. Even more impressive 327 of those yards came on 17 carries in the 4th carry for a 19.2 yard per carry average. Jamaal had 5 touchdowns in the 4th quarter of the last 2 games.

2. Colt McCoy has become an amazing rusher. He has shown us moves that no one could have possibly thought he had, including some sick displays of balance, and one SWEET spin move. His passing hasn’t been great, but he has been clutch in the 4th quarter. Tebow eat your heart out.

3. Anyone else feel more confident when our defense is facing 3rd and 3, than when we D up against 3rd and 10+? Of course, it is getting to the point where I am more confident in winning games when we are down by at least 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter, than when we are ahead by 7… whatever that means.

4. I just had to mention that Kansas scored 76 against Nebraska.

5. Seriously… 76… Kansas.

6. Michigan jumped us in the AP Poll. They of course were down by 10 in the 4th to Michigan State. Were they more impressive in coming back down from less? Or maybe it could be their losses weren’t as bad as ours. Let’s see, Loss to a top 5 team = check, loss to an unranked team = check… oh oh wait, that’s right, they lost to a DIV IAA (or what was formerly IAA) school!

7. Adrian Peterson! I remember him being good, I don’t remember him being an unstoppable killing machine capable of enslaving the NFL and making LT look like a scrub. Imagine if he had a QB!


3 Responses to “The Last 2 Weeks”

  1. Clearly Adrian Peterson sold his soul to the devil after God smited him for being a traitor to Texas.

  2. Larry the Tap Dancing Giant said

    Isn’t the operative word “smote”?

  3. yeah – “smited” isn’t a word… but I decided I liked it better that way. “smote” is no good.

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