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Big 12 Roundtable – The End is Near

Posted by TxHny on November 7, 2007

We’re hosting the party this week, so hold on to your livers. Thanks to Crimson and Cream Machine for getting this going.

1. With only two or three games left, how are you feeling about your season? Disappointed, elated, surprised, a little violated?

Much like Dick Cheney, I feel nothing. Wins are wins, and we are after all 8-2, and I should be really excited about that. Don’t get me wrong, the last couple of games were exciting – but I feel like just when we’re getting revved up, the season is almost over. I’m not disappointed or elated. I’m just… sigh….

Oh, and yes, I’m still feeling very violated by Kansas State. Ouch! If only we would have employed the Bobby Hill method…

That’s my purse!!!!

2. I have to ask, how do you feel about the (possible) buyout of Fran at Texas A&M?

As much as we kid about him being Frandullah, I’m a little disappointed that this is playing out so publicly. I think what will come is pretty obvious, (check out this for a little elaboration…) and much to the delight of many Aggies. As much as I love beating the Aggs, I think this little drama spells disaster for Texas A&M’s final games.

3. We’ve picked coaches, players, stadiums and everything else from other teams. Now, we get down to something even more near and dear: mascots. If you could pick another Big 12 mascot other than your own – who would it be and why?

Mizzou Tigers, hands down.

You want a piece of me?

4. Unexpected Greatness, Unexpected Suckage. Who surprised you this year? Who did you get really excited about, only to be let down? (The first Roundtable asked who was the face of the franchise – do you still feel that way?)

I have to say I’ve been really impressed with Nate Jones. At least in my book, that guy came out of nowhere. Also, you’ve heard this before, but I’m really impressed with Deon Beasley’s growth.

As far as suckage, losing Sweed was a big disappointment. And until a week or two ago, I felt Jamaal Charles wasn’t really being utilized to his full potential. (Dahorns and I can’t decide if there was method to this or not, but that’s for another date.) I really wanted our offense to open up and see some of that explosive playing – but I feel like we didn’t really get ourselves in gear until Nebraska. That’s way too late in the season if you ask me.

5. I told you there would be booze. Characterize your team by the beverage of your choice.

Long Island Ice Tea. We’ve got everything – offense, defense, bad-A coaches and a splash of triple sec for that Orange flavor we need. And you can call us fruity or girly if you want, but if you aren’t careful we will knock you flat on your ass.

Lightning Round – worth double the points (which will still work out to zero…), and twice the fun!

– Love ’em.

Jamaal Charles – You are a beast.
Sam Bradford – Why are you so good? Stop, please. Thanks.

– Diss ’em.

Texas Tech – you’re going down!! You’re run defense is teh suxxors. Jamaal Charles will pwn you.

– Pick ’em.

Colorado @ Iowa state – CU
Texas A&M @ Mizzou – Mizzou
KState @ Nebraska – KState
TCEH @ Texas – Texas wins!!!!
Baylor @ Oklahoma – OU
Kansas @ Okay State – Kansas

– Rank ’em.

1. Kansas
2. Oklahoma
3. Mizzouri
4. Texas
5. KState
6. Okay State
8. A&M
9. Colorado
10. Nebraska
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor


14 Responses to “Big 12 Roundtable – The End is Near”

  1. Zebbie L. said

    I was with you on your rankings…right up to the point where you put KState 5th and Colorado 9th…do you even watch the damn games???

  2. txhny said

    Yeah, my rankings are flawed – but show me one that isn’t. My general thoughts: trying to rank the Big 12 perfectly will only result in a clusterfuck, (See Ex. A, this post.)

    I’m still not convinced about Colorado – and my love for KState is artificial. I’d like to see them up there since they’ve now beat us *twice* in a row. This is all about my personal ego, you see.


    However, thanks for stopping by, I’ve just checked out Flags Over Raiderland. I’m a little behind on my reader, but I’m looking forward to catching up.


  4. txhny said

    BON checks in, Thanks PB. 🙂

  5. Blankman said

    The Big XII Championship episode of KOTH kicked ass and you know it did.

  6. Husker Mike checks in…


    What a fitting title for this season. Hey, basketball is starting soon!!!!

  8. Mizzou viewpoint checking in…

  9. txhny said

    “The Big XII Championship episode of KOTH kicked ass and you know it did.”

    I concur. I ❤ KOTH.

  10. I laughed so hard I cried during that episode. “Well…. if it’ll help the Longhorns win…”

  11. Matt said

    Crimson and Cream Machine responds

    Thanks for hosting this week!

  12. Zebbie L said

    Fair enough. I figured it was personal bias that had K-State so high. Then again…I saw Colorado play their most complete game against us so I’m biased towards them.

    Don’t get too excited about my blog. I was travelling 3 or 4 days a week during September/October so the early season momentum hit the skids and I definitely slacked off. I’ll try to finish the season with a bang though!

  13. TB said

    Bring On The Cats checks in at the last minute…

  14. txhny said

    And just in time! Round up about to be served, hot and fresh.

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