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Texas Tech Hate Week Day 1 – “I kinda like you, but not really”

Posted by gingerut on November 6, 2007

So these posts should have been started Sunday morning but I was too busy spying on the enemy in the land of Red Raiders to get to a computer. And yesterday? It was a Monday; give me a break. So today marks the beginning of Texas Tech Hate Week. Each day will be a new reason (or reasons) to hate, and yet love, our rival in Lubbock.

Today I’ll kick it off with some top 5 lists.


1. Red and Black: I’m sorry, but those colors just don’t look good.
2. No Alcohol: A dry city?!?!? How is a college student supposed to survive? Especially with the prices they have down at the strip. I’ve never seen Lonestar more expensive in my life.
3. Lubbock: It smells like oil and cow manure. Yes, I know its the smell of money but it doesn’t mean I want to smell it all day every day. And its far away from the rest of the world. And there is nothing there, and …. I could keep going.
4. Offense (or lack there of): As much as I love the spread offense I can’t stand a team without a good defense. How do they expect to play real school? Its only fun to watch them beat cupcakes for so long.
5. The Students: Yes, many of the people closest to me go to (or have graduated from) Texas Tech. As much as I love them, it doesn’t mean I love the rest of the student population. It’s not that they are bad people, it’s just that they are like that annoying little brother who thinks they are cool enough (and have a good enough football team) to hang out with you.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything good about our Red Raider friends….


1. Mike Leach: Who doesn’t love to hear a crazy coach talk? Besides Mack, he is my favorite football coach. What other coach makes up the plays as he goes appears drunk 99% of the time?
2. Chimy’s Margaritas: Oh how I love thee. If only we had a Chimy’s in Austin (or Houston).
3. Pirates: I’ve always been a fan of pirates. And coaches who make up new mascots.
4. Umm…..Chimy’s Margaritas: Yes, I have them twice. They are just that good, and I can’t think of anything else.
5. This video:
Anyone that likes to piss off okies is good in my book.

Feel free to add to the lists and I’ll be back tomorrow for Texas Tech Hate Week Day 2 – “When did Colorado get good?”


5 Responses to “Texas Tech Hate Week Day 1 – “I kinda like you, but not really””

  1. bond j bond said

    Hates about Lubbock: Dust storms
    Loves about Lubbock: When you’re a TTU student you have the keys to the city
    and you love DiscoTech! too, you should go ahead and admit it 😉

  2. txhny said

    Of course we love DiscoTech! Oh, and … Raider Gate. Mmm. Booze. er… uh…kool-aid.

    And — Bond, if you want to see lots of hot UT ladies, you should come to Austin this weekend.

  3. Ditto on the DiscoTech! love… who else posts such wonderful pictures for us? Oh, and thanks to EDSBS for the Hate Week idea – following in your footsteps has allowed us to loathe other teams in ways not possible before.

  4. Red and Black doesn’t look good?

    What, and Burnt Orange is the sweetest color in the rainbow?

    -Sunshine Scooter

  5. Burnt orange may not be in the roygbiv rainbow, but God sure saw it fit to make sunsets burnt orange, so I think it’s good enough.

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