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Texas Toast: Blondes Have More Fun

Posted by TxHny on October 17, 2007

Texas Toast: The Grolsch Blonde

This will be yet another toast to our favorite folks over at Amsterdam Cafe.

Nate – our favorite bartender/baby sitter. Sorry, Nate.

We were at Amsterdam for our weekly happy hour, and realized we needed to toast to Texas. So, Nate suggested a Grolsch. A nice lager of the Dutch persuasion, this one a blonde beer.

We’d tell you more about it – but we were a little tipsy from all the shots we took. Just trust us. It was excellent.


The editors give it three, sorta tipsy, high fives.

Oh, and to the poor folks at Amsterdam, we’re really sorry for the drunky-drunks (that shall remain nameless) that were at your bar last week. Don’t people know how to behave in public places?

What can I say, blondes really do have more fun.

Come hang out with us and Chis and the Nates! 8th and Colorado.


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