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ISU Game Notes

Posted by dahorns on October 16, 2007

First, I actually missed a majority of the second half because I had to drive to Forth Worth for wedding. Don’t worry, I listened on the radio. I know, I know, what type of friends schedule a wedding on a game day? To be fair to them, they were attempting to schedule around OU and the wedding didn’t actually start until 6. Forth Worth just happens to be pretty far away. This will just be some quick game notes because I really didn’t see that much of the game.

1. Colt F’n McCoy. Welcome back young man. This looked like the guy I saw last year. This looked like the guy that had some type of magical awareness of the exact inch where the line of scrimmage started. This looked like the guy that wasn’t afraid to take the ball and run with it. Yeah, this was Iowa State… but this also looked like Texas. How often have we really been able to say that this year?

2. Kindle! This guy needs to start. He enters the game and all the sudden that pesky running back that was gashing us for yards is being stopped COLD. One on one. He hits hard and he hits fast.

3. Quan Cosby is the best player on this football team. I’d elaborate, but if you didn’t realize it already you’re probably too brain dead to operate a computer.

4. Our secondary is pretty damn good. When the QB doesn’t have a year to throw, these guys are staying right on the receivers. Blythe is one of the best receivers in the country this year and is a serious NFL talent. Palmer stayed with him all game long. Good job.

5. Colt as a leader
About time.

I’ll post more comprehensive notes once I get a chance to watch the replay. A game like this is always good for the team’s confidence. I usually try to temper my enthusiasm after a game against a 1 win team, but this team really needed to put together a complete game. No mistakes. Good job guys.


One Response to “ISU Game Notes”

  1. So, dahorns didn’t get to watch the whole game. Neither txhny or myself watched the whole game. Maybe this is the secret! Maybe we should stop watching! But then, if the Horns win a game and no one is around to see it, did it really happen?

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