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The Texas Toast

Posted by RubyLynn on October 9, 2007

Toast: Amsterdam Cafe


This week’s Texas Toast is to the brand new Amsterdam Cafe. On the corner of 8th and Colorado, it’s conveniently located and is a welcome addition to the downtown Austin bar scene.

Why do we love this bar so much? Let us count the ways.

— “I want something… you know… with Rum. Yeah, rum! and um…. fruity. But not really sweet. You know?? No syrupy stuff,” and BAM, Nate (perhaps our new favorite bartender) pulls out something perfect, with a cherry on top. Oh, and plenty of your favorite brews on tap and in the bottle.

— You want to go where everyone knows your name? Well, this place is for you. A new bar on the scene – hang around often enough and you could say, “Hey Nate. Hey other Nate. Chis, Malcom (the guys that run the joint)- what’s going on? Meet my friend _____, she’s in town from _______ and I thought I’d bring her by my bar.”

— Ugh. Parking on 6th (and 5th and 4th) street is so frustrating. Well, that’s no problem here. Amsterdam Cafe is on 8th street, between Colorado and Congress.

— Like to go to classy joints like Speakeasy, Brown Bar and Malaga? Hate paying 9 bucks for a cocktail? Amsterdam has what you want for what you want to pay. Hip, clean and impressive bar selection that won’t break the bank.


— Come on by, you might catch us there.

121 W. 8th street, Austin, Texas 78701
(Website posted as soon as it is up.)


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