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A Few Notes….

Posted by TxHny on October 7, 2007

horn.pngFirst, we lost today. If you are honestly shocked, shaken – see me after class. If we were going to do something other than win, this looked pretty good. I was impressed with our defensive line and also — despite the INT — proud of Colt. We certainly had some trouble on offense (ahem, Charles…) but I think Oklahoma brought out the best in us. We looked a lot more like a ranked team than in any other game. Coaches: Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for eliminating that god-awful horizontal passing  crap. I was about to lose it.

horn.pngYou’ve probably noticed the site looks a little different. We’re working on it. Give us a few days while we decide what we like best. We’re also working on getting some more content up. We know you want, need and crave more!

horn.pngTechnical difficulties. Our email addresses are not working properly. You’ll see a note up soon when they are working again. In the meantime, feel free to rant/rave in the comments like our dear friend Mary. Or you can use the pre-site oldie:

horn.pngNext week we have Iowa State. Expect a nice preview comparing some pre-Chizik and post-Chizik type statistics. If anyone wants to volunteer to be our text message buddies for game scores, we’ll owe you a drink the next time we see you. TheMaskedWino and myself are headed down into Aggie territory for the Big State Festival to be judges for the BBQ contest. Mmm. BBQ. Expect also a full report on the best country music and barbque the state has to offer. Going too? Shoot us an email – we’ll try to catch while we’re in town.

horn.pngAnd finally, since I totally sucked this week, I can boast without jinxing myself. My bud Brad over at has a Pick ‘Em challenge for a $200 bottle of Crown. I’ve been at the top since the beginning, but last week marked my short tenure as the sole leader. Yes. I’m tooting my own Gabriel’s Horn. 🙂


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