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An Open Letter to Colt McCoy

Posted by dahorns on October 5, 2007

Dear Colt,

How ya been man?! Long time no see. It seems like only yesterday we were watching you break Nebraska’s heart in the snow and cold of Lincoln. On the plains of Lubbock, with air raid sirens blaring, you lead us through the constant bombing. With accurate passes and clutch runs you almost did the impossible… lived up to the expectations that Vince Young set for us.

Where ya been since then? What ya been doing? Everyone I talk to around here misses you. We were dismayed when you got injured last year against K-state. We’ve been holding our breath, waiting for you to come back. I heard you were back in town over the summer, and I swear I saw you a couple of times against TCU. At the K-State game I saw this guy scrambling around and throwing a touchdown with all types of pressure breathing down his neck. I swore it was you, but never saw you the rest of the game.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing better. When you do find your way back, just remember you were great last year… people don’t lose greatness, they just tend to convince themselves they never had in the first place. You did. You do.

-Dahobbs & All Longhorns


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