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Things I Think You Should Think

Posted by dahorns on September 25, 2007

Glass Half Full:

Yay Beer!

1. Our offense finally seemed to get together. It is nice to have at least one game where I’m not worried about going into sudden cardiac arrest.

2. The O-line was pushing people around and creating holes. We didn’t run Charles a lot, but I have no doubt he could have broken 150 given a few more carries.

3. Limas Sweed is back. He has had a quiet year until now. It is nice to see that he and Colt have finally seemed to find that chemistry that they had last year.

4. Our D-line is by far one of the best in the nation. They were all over rice today. Holding a team to negative rushing yards, no matter how much better you are than them, is a difficult task.

5. Muckleroy, Norton, Kindle. This is a group of Linebackers I can get behind. They are disruptive, they flow to the ball, and they hit hard.

6. McGee and Chiles looked very impressive. Rice was tired and over matched, but it is nice to see us move the ball so easily. Chiles and Colt will be on the field at the same time for at least a few plays per Greg Davis. I hope these plays work out better than the one we ran against Rice (seriously, why was Colt the one to head out to the Slot?), but this sounds promising. McGee ran hard and deserves carries at Charles expense (especially if he keeps fumbling). I would like to see a 10-20 split.

Drinking is still nice:


1. I know Txhny loves him, but Beasley is a liability when on the field. He has plenty of talent. His speed allows him to recover when his poor technique gets him all turned around, but he is basically constantly recovering. He gets lost and his receiver gets open. Hopefully he’ll eventually “get it”, but he should see only limited playing time as long as Foster can play.


3. Colt still isn’t right. He missed on several throws that he made consistently last year. Perhaps he is thinking too much, or perhaps he still isn’t accustomed to his extra strength Whatever it is, he doesn’t have the touch he did last year. His bad decisions continue. Should have thrown another interception again this week… but at least the mistakes were limited in comparison to previous weeks.

4. Charles, stop fumbling. Seriously… anytime now… I mean, we have duct tape, we have super glue. Why Charles seems to prefer baby oil, I can’t fathom.

5. Even Baylor scored 42 against Rice.


2 Responses to “Things I Think You Should Think”

  1. Txhny said

    Because the baby oil gives his skin that soft, silky feeling.

    Hate hate hate on Beasley?! Alright… you’re right. But I’ll stay here in happy denial land for a few more games. Give him some time, will ya?

  2. dahorns said

    I’ll give him plenty of time…. on the bench BADDABING!

    Seriously though, he’ll get better and needs playing time to do it. He just shouldn’t see more than 20% of the snaps on defense.

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