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Poor Aggies… and Big 12 too.

Posted by TxHny on September 21, 2007

In case you missed it, the Aggies fell to Miami last night in a rather unimpressive showing.

As much as I like my Aggie friends, I normally revel in an Aggie loss. (Particularly losses to Texas.) However, this does nothing for our already weak schedule. After this coming week’s game with Rice, we have the make-or-break clash of the titans in Dallas. (I’m currently reading Running With the Big Dogs, a book I somehow neglected during my tenure as a student. If you haven’t read it – pick up a copy, worth the read.) I’m not saying we will or won’t lose to Oklahoma, but a loss there is (as always) huge.

Besides Oklahoma, and potentially Nebraska or Tech, A&M was the last challenge we had to bolster our national title (or at least other BCS bowl) aspirations. As the rankings stand Nebraska and OU remain as our only ranked opponents. Tech could be ranked, as they will have to prove themselves against Mizzou. A loss to Oklahoma would be a kiss of death. (But you knew this already.) The season is certainly far from over, and I’m not counting my chickens yet, but these are dark days for the Big XII my friends.

And speaking of the kiss of death, this little scenario doesn’t bode well for Fran. Hear me out, I’m not voting him off the island after one loss. The win against Texas last year saved Fran in the eyes of many Aggies, many were still calling for his head. After this loss, and then if there are two or three losses to Tech, Nebraska, OU and Texas – given the weak state of the conference I think Fran will be firmly planted in the hot seat. Let’s hope the Ags pull wins in those games, except to Texas of course. (And no, I’m not ready to talk about Mack, Greg or Akina/McDuff. Ask me after Nebraska.)

Say Poor Aggies all you want but I really wish they would have kicked the snot out of the hurricanes just to put a notch on Big XII’s (and potentially Texas’) belt.

And the echo across the state: Fran, why didn’t Lane get more playing time??



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