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Some testosterone (Or at least hopefully less estrogen)

Posted by dahorns on September 18, 2007

[This marks the first of at least weekly columns from the only male contributor at Gabriel’s Horn. He’ll be handling our ‘game wrap-ups’ so to speak, and your lovely editors are excited to have him on board! – Eds.]

First things first. I’m proud to come on board as the first and only male contributor to this blog. Thanks to the girls at Gabriel’s Horn for giving me my blog debut.

Ok, on to game observations.


Yay Beer!

1. We won! Yay Texas! Texas fight, Texas fight, Yay Texas fight!

2. Jamaal Charles is a much stronger runner this year. He now has 3 games over 100 yards rushing and has been consistently averaging over 4 yards a carry (over 6 the last two games). And let’s be fair, the line hasn’t exactly been opening gaping holes (or even not so gaping ones). Jamaal is earning all his yards on his own. See USC v. Nebraska for an example of what good run blocking looks like. (see #2 below for the big “but”)

3. Pittman, Shipley, Melton, and Kindle are back! Pittman and Shipley should hopefully give our passing offense the explosive element it so desperately needs. Nate Jones has filled in admirably for Billy, but Billy has more of a knack than anyone else in our WR core for getting open in space. Melton might not add anything, but I certainly fail to see how adding a 260 pound RB/DE could possibly hurt. Kindle should improve a LBer core that has played out of position and has been unable to finish plays.

4. Brandon Foster and Ryan Palmer have both been improving dramatically. Palmer is still a liability in coverage, but he has made substantial progress in that area and he is a solid tackler. Foster has been everywhere in our last three games and might be Akina’s next Thorpe winner.

5. No one is as experienced as we are at recovering onside kicks in a game situation. Woohoo! (RUN TO THE GODDAMN BALL, DON’T LET IT COME TO YOU!)



1. I like field goals as much as the next guy, but occasionally going all the way would be nice. Kudos to Bailey, he was our player of the game (or should be), but if we don’t start getting in the end zone this will be a very long year.

2. Jamaal Charles can’t fumble. He is our best weapon this year, and we need to be able to rely on him.

3. O-line stands for olay-line. Ok, the passing blocking hasn’t been that bad, especially considering our personal shortage due to injury, but our run blocking has been about as close to non-existent as it can possibly get. It is great that Charles can break a couple of tackles or reverse field to gain yards, but I swear the next time I see our line get to the second level it will be the first. Part of the blame is offensive play calling, but we also aren’t getting any push. We seldom pull anyone anywhere, and when we do we let someone in completely untouched. Again, watch USC-Nebraska, West Virginia v. Anyone, hell watch Rutgers blocking for Ray Rice and you’ll see what an o-line should be doing.

4 . Be okay Limas… for the love of god.

5. DKR doesn’t serve alcohol for the majority of us.

And for the real reason why the game wasn’t so great:

I hate to admit it, but I’m the cause of our lackluster play on Saturday. You see, I had a ticket to the game, but I failed to procure a plane ticket and was thus forced to give away my game ticket (To Kathy of Hornfans fame). I’ve never done anything like that before and I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. I promise I just won’t let it happen again.



3 Responses to “Some testosterone (Or at least hopefully less estrogen)”

  1. txhny said

    Chug chug chug!

    And I just noticed there is a wine glass in the periphery of that photo. Lush.

  2. Txhny, I think that it means that WE are lushes. Because I was about to comment on said wine glass before I saw your comment.

  3. Larry the Tap Dancing Giant said

    What does it say about me that I noticed the bottle of cleaning detergent and instantly theorized that dahorns has discovered something that I hold dear…cleaning whilst drinking (which is in no way counterproductive). I do suppose when you put the beer down you can go ahead and polish the glass…

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