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Texas Toast: Summer Shandy

Posted by RubyLynn on September 13, 2007

This week’s Texas Toast is to Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. It’s a seasonal brew that’s actually beer brewed with lemonade and honey. It’s got all the delicious taste of something you’d buy from a 10-year-old on a hot summer’s day, but with 4.2% alcohol by volume.

“Hey, what happened to that guy you were dating?”
“Oh, nothing. He was just a summer shandy.”

It goes down easily, so make sure to count your bottle caps. For being a refreshing summer treat, we give the Summer Shandy a 4.5/5.

You can learn more about the Summer Shandy and Leinenkugel’s other fine brews here.


3 Responses to “Texas Toast: Summer Shandy”

  1. Larry the Tap Dancing Giant said

    So, I’m starting to notice consistently high ratings during the “Texas Toast.” Not one score below 4…which I suppose comments on the quality of the beverages surveyed, or the general tastes of the esteemed writers.

    But (and in no way trying to outdo or even narrowly compete with Gabriel’s Horn) I thought I’d relate my own experience. I was walking through my local hippie grocery store (no, not the park…I’ve repeatedly told Slick Willy that I’m not interestd in purviewing his “herb garden”) and I happened upon a big bottle of ale with Frank Zappa’s picture. Which is awesome for two reasons:

    1) Frank and I are both mustachioed men.
    2) “Don’t Eat Yellow Snow” is possibly the greatest album title of all time.
    3) Drinking it instantly increases one’s level of satirical, lyrical, and witty faculties (perhaps approaching Zappa himself.)

    Hmmm, I’m not really sure where I was going with this…and I’m late…so…I’m Ron Burgendy?

  2. themaskedwino said

    Why should we subject ourselves to shitty alcohol? I can’t help it if the beers with the pretty boxes also happen to taste delicious. I think Larry’s just jealous that he’s not here to partake in the good times.

  3. txhny said

    Well, I’m currently laying on the beach in galveston. My beer is slightly warm, a little gritty, and the dog keeps trying to lick the can. Did I mention it was made by Miller?

    I’d give it a 0/5, but the day is beautiful and the air is breezy. So I’ll give it a one.

    Onward to a sports bar!

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