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Meet The Opponent: Central Florida

Posted by TxHny on September 13, 2007

This week Texas faces the University of Central Florida as their first road opponent of the year. And the treacherous Texas schedule continues. (Sorry if my sarcasm dripped on your keyboard. )

Sarcasm aside, UCF is going to show up ready to play. They shut down NCState in Week 1, and had Week 2 off. As PB notes, experience is UCF’s biggest asset.

Texas looked significantly stronger and more organized in the second half of the TCU game. Arkansas State and, surprisingly, TCU let us get away with sloppy, lackluster play for 6 quarters. UCF will not be so forgiving. Coach O’Leary is no stranger to wins, and the Knights can and will capitalize on the mistakes and weaknesses of the Longhorns.

In particular, watch out for Kevin Smith (no, not one of my favorite Ex-Cowboys and Ex-Mustangs). The Junior Golden Knight racked up 217 yards against the Wolf Pack, with 6.2 yards per carry. Check out this 80-yard run:

And, an amateur clip from the NC State Game. Oh, and one very excited fan.

For those of you hitting the road, good luck.


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