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No more cupcakes, please. I’m full.

Posted by RubyLynn on September 7, 2007

Well, if the Horns were going to have a mediocre week, this was the week to do it. The media almost forgot all about our dismal performance against the piglets, thanks to Michigan. (We won’t dwell on that here, we’re still trying to get HOT HOT HOT!! out of our heads.)

If Arkansas State was a joke, well then TCU is a heart attack. ESPN is calling this a battle between the two best teams in Texas. That may or may not be, but in front of us lies two paths…

We could a) get our asses handed to us by TCU and become the Big 12 joke o’ the week and join Michigan (while on a slightly higher sludge covered toadstool) in the trenches fighting for our good name the rest of the season.

Son of a bitch.

Or b) We could hope the depth chart shuffle and having Week 1 under our belts will make the difference. We beat TCU, an actual ranked team with a decisive win. With a chance to play a more than worthy opponent and the confidence of a win, we could head towards the rest of the season with purpose and conviction.

Prepare to die.

What will the ‘Horns face this Saturday?

The ‘Horns will walk into DKR to face a team that is 5-0 in Big 12 play. That is pretty impressive, even considering two of those five are Baylor.

We’re going to go over some high points on the Horned Frog offense and defense, but we’re not aiming to redo what’s already been done.

On offense you can expect to see hard runs on the ground. They are going to grind our defense and if we have the holes we did last week, it won’t be pretty. QB Andy Dalton threw for 208 yards last week and the offense racked up 181 yards rushing. The rushes were spread out among several players, mostly RB Joseph Turner, WR Ryan Christian, RB Aaron Brown and RB Justin Watts.

TCU’s greatest strength lies in their defense. Senior linebacker David Hawthorn is a scary mofo. You will hear his name on Saturday. Not Hawthorn, but still scary…

As for Texas, there are still a lot of question marks. The depth chart has been shuffled and hopefully corrections have been made. The question on our minds – Will we see John Chiles this week?

Prediction: Close, low scoring game.
Texas: 17
TCU: 9

Having the game at 6pm is great. I get to watch other games all day long and finish it off with the Longhorns. Other good games to catch this week:

Oregon v. Michigan – Come on, you know you want to see what Michigan does after last week.

South Carolina v. Georgia – A game I’m really looking forward to watching.

Notre Dame v. Penn State – Go Nittany Lions! ND, you suck. (DVR it if you want to watch the entire massacre, it is on at the same time as our game.)

Virginia Tech v. LSU -The battle of the tragedies!


2 Responses to “No more cupcakes, please. I’m full.”

  1. Ron Blancarte said

    Yea, so the result – TCU BEAT DOWN!!! I served Frog Legs at my tailgate party in effigy. And in the second half, the Horns were the cars and TCU, they kept their role of the frogs in Frogger.

    All in all, good times, now time for a road test. I expect a tough game, but I think the Horns, if they keep up their work can handle UCF.

  2. themaskedwino said

    Yeah, after the heart attack that was the first half, thank God we got it together and put on a great show in the second. I’m really looking forward to this week’s game now. I think the Arkansas State hangover’s finally over.

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