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We’re not supposed to show you this but…

Posted by RubyLynn on September 6, 2007

We couldn’t help ourselves. College football fans everywhere deserve to know who’s responsible for the return to normal clock rules. So from all of us at Gabriel’s Horn, you’re welcome. We received the following memo from the NCAA a while back, and thought it would be a crime not to post it.


Our personal information has been redacted.

Since the Gabriel’s Horn is no Colin Cowherd we’d like to extend our own thanks to Wizard of Odds, CFBstats, the fans, and above all God for their assistance in our endeavor to keep the NCAA under our manicured thumb. Truly, we couldn’t do it without you.

Oh – and don’t think we haven’t noticed this new kickoff rule. We’re reserving judgment until a few conference games have been played, but NCAA Rules Committee – you’re on notice. If we don’t like it – the consequences will NOT be pretty.


4 Responses to “We’re not supposed to show you this but…”

  1. Innocent bystander said

    May want to remove the address from said letter.

  2. txhny said

    We like to live dangerously…

    Can’t you see it says E. 18th street.

    Straight. Hood.

  3. themaskedwino said

    Besides, maybe if someone stops by they’ll bring beer.

  4. themaskedwino said

    Alright, I caved under pressure. No more stalking. (Unless you’re any of our previous girl or guy crushes, Vince Young, or Colt McCoy. In those cases – stalk away)

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