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It’s business, it’s business time

Posted by RubyLynn on September 5, 2007

It’s Wednesday night, the conditions are perfect.


Landon Donovan: MLS Soccer Beefcake. Goooooooooooaaaal!!!

Gwen Stefani: Original, funky and one hell of a set of pipes. Plus she married Gavin Rossdale. We may be jealous… but don’t tell our boyfriends. or Landon.


2 Responses to “It’s business, it’s business time”

  1. Larry the Tap Dancing Giant said

    A rough and tumble weekend of college football, lots of movers and shakers, and all we get as a first post is this? Donovan isn’t even the biggest sex symbol on his own team! When he has a 60-minute video of him sleeping in a national museum, then maybe he can begin to replace a lack of intelligent discourse following an interesting opening weekend…

  2. txhny said

    Look Larry, I’ll take no dissent from you! We put up a disclaimer as the first post that you shouldn’t expect any intelligent discourse.

    Don’t make me call Dick Cheney. 🙂

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