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College Colors Day

Posted by TxHny on August 30, 2007

Barely beating out Dimpled Chad Day (January 4th) and Do Dah Day (May 19th), College Colors Day is in our top 10 favorite holidays of the year (to be disclosed in a later post.)


Promoting awareness of higher education since 2005.

The Collegiate Licensing Company is just brimming over with school spirit (and cardigans, tshirts, onesies, baseball caps, limited edition Hawaiian-style button up shirts, watches, socks, backpacks, jackets, belts, sandals and handbags) for your favorite team. As if the dawn of football season wasn’t enough, this gives you an even better reason to sport your school colors this Friday, August 31st.

Pardon us while we sift through the burnt orange section of our closet to appropriately plan for our attire on Friday. However, if you work with Sooners like I do, be careful. And you thought “Saw ‘Em Off” was bad… (Note to self, add “Dangerous Sooners” to reasons why I like being a girl.)

While this may seem like a self serving initiative for the CLC they have higher education at heart:

“College Colors Day strives to promote higher education in the United States through increased public awareness and celebrates the achievements of colleges and universities in the United States, acknowledging their critical and fundamental importance to the United States.”

We completely agree. Without higher education, this ad wouldn’t be funny.


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